25 Steps to Putting Your Home on Airbnb


Anyone who owns a home has wondered whether it’s worth the time and effort to list your home on Airbnb. Here are 25 things you have to do before and after listing your home.




  • Learn about occupancy requirements

  • Obtain necessary permits

  • Check with your HOA or co-op

  • Decide how much of your property to rent and when to rent it


Sorting out finances

  • Look at other homes listed in your area to benchmark price

  • Calculate your break-even and profit margins

  • Make a plan for paying taxes

  • Does your homeowners’ insurance cover short-term rentals? Secure additional or different insurance if not

  • Don’t count on vacation rental income when refinancing a mortgage loan


Getting your place rental-ready

  • Complete as many upgrades as possible

  • Consider security

  • Make the rental area as nice as possible: clean, attractive


Preparing to post

  • Read and commit to hosting standards

  • Take pictures

  • Write your headline and description

  • Decide on any rules for guests

  • Create a guest binder

  • Stock up on bulk supplies

  • Arrange for cleaning

  • Figure out entry and exit

  • List your home


After the listing

  • Respond quickly to questions

  • Screen guests

  • Pay attention to reviews

  • Be an attentive (but not hovering) host